About Us

Who are we?


Who is Bethlehem Soap Company?

Let us briefly tell you the backstory if you have a minute.

Tadhg Slater has been a soap maker on a very advanced level for over a decade. While his contemporary art is what has always sustained him and been his true passion, many folks do not realize that he has owned and created more than three different soap companies. He had a distribution chain that included selling high-end organic soap from coast to coast.

Our Products

Bringing the best possible products, made of only the finest ingredients, to the market is something in which we are well-versed. These soaps have been sold as private label products, under a variety of different labels, to some of the finest inns and markets. This venture is not a new one for us. However, the place where we are now doing it is, as are the other amazing artists working alongside us in this venture.

Our Location

We retooled our existing space at 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, to meet the needs of the COVID-19 crisis we are all experiencing in 2020. In the short term, our immediate focus is to keep our first responders and health care agencies that need soap stocked at little or no cost, while also producing the same top quality organics for our amazing customers to order. Our long-term goals include the establishment of full manufacturing facilities and the creation of new jobs.

Like the sign says, “Pardon our appearance while we are under construction,” we are and will continue to be transitioning in the days ahead. Please like, share, and if you have used Slater’s products in the past, know that the second-to-none quality that you have come to trust will continue. We are thrilled to help others in a time of crisis while creating a new venture in the most difficult of times.